Hello, hello – My name is Tina and let me tell you something!


I have always loved to eat. And somewhere along the way, that love turned into a full-on fascination with all that is food: cooking, baking, recipe hunting, restauranting…you name it.

So, what’s a girl to do?

Enter: The Sugarvore. My official outlet for the never-ending multitude of recipes I’ve tried and twisted til my tastebuds approved, my restaurant experiences, plus some little food tips here and there. (Honestly, it’s just my excuse to rave about food nonstop.)

I don’t have any formal culinary training (unless you consider countless hours of reading food blogs and magazines or watching Food Network and Top Chef entirely too much) but I’m learning as I go. And I hope you will join me as I experiment with this passion of mine.

I’m REALLY excited! (And I really love exclamation points!)

Sugarvore is absolutely how I would describe my food brain and preferred diet. I could eat ice cream and cupcakes and cookies and honey and fruit and all things sugar everyday and be completely happy. If I get a craving, its usually for some sugary deliciousness (cheese being the occasional exception). So, you can definitely expect some dessert recipes and outings from me!

Along with the occasional cake for breakfast or ice cream for dinner.

With that being said, I have come to delight in whole foods, local ingredients, and goodness in the nutritious form. So, to balance out the sugar, you can expect some healthy, carnivorous, herbivorous eats, as well.

Besides the food…

I am truly, truly thankful. Thankful for this incredible, unpredictable life I’ve been given. Thankful for the unfailing grace and love God continually shows me. Thankful for my hilarious, talented, bearded husband (who happens to be my most willing taste tester and incredible photog assistant). Thankful for the awesome little apartment we play house in just outside of DC. Thankful for the people who fill our lives with oodles of joy. And thankful for the adventures we have, as well as the moments of treasured relaxation. You will likely see tidbits of it all.

I am so glad you have stumbled across these delicious adventures of mine. Thanks for hanging out! 

Oh yes, also! Like to pin? Me too.


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