TomatoesI’m definitely a tomato lover…now.

That wasn’t always the case, and I’ve finally realized why! Most tomatoes you buy are either not fresh, or stored incorrectly.

Purchasing your tomatoes locally at a farmers market, or growing them yourself makes a world of difference.  If you are a self proclaimed tomato-hater and have never tried a fresh tomato before, I suggest you give it a shot! You will be amazed by the contrast in texture and flavor compared those you’ve gotten on your sub at Subway, or even those you’ve tried from the grocery store.

However, farmer’s markets are not always an option! So an amazing tip that will drastically change help your tomatoes, no matter where they are purchased, is how you store them.

And here it is…


I cannot tell you how much of a difference this makes.

According to America’s Test Kitchen and the authors of The Cooks Illustrated Cookbook, there is actually a scientific reason for this. “Cold damages tomatoes in two ways: It destroys an enzyme that produces flavorful compounds, and it makes water in the tomato expand, rupturing cells and turning the flesh mealy.”

Crazy right?

They even suggest storing unused slices of tomatoes tightly wrapped, at room temperature. The difference in flavor and texture does definitely outweighs the few extra days they might stay good in the refrigerator.

And guys, its SO true. I have changed my tomato storing ways, and it has turned me from a tomato tolerater, and into a tomato lover.

So, if you need an excuse to try this theory out, this pizza is my favorite. And so are these burgers and these gyros ;)


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