Birthdays on birthdays on birthdays.


Which can only mean one thing…


These past few weeks I’ve had the best time celebrating some pretty amazing people on their birthdays. First my sister, then my mom, and most recently my awesome brother and beautiful friend, Allison.

Today I’m going to brag on my brother, DJ, a little bit.

DJThis guy is the bomb. He is one of the most genuine, kind, hilarious, intelligent, loving, and talented people I know. He has this incredible patience and determination with anything he decides to do in life. With sports, music, school…when he wants to do something, he goes and does it and sticks with it. Even if he has to teach himself. Its extremely rare. And I really admire him!

Over the past few years, he’s gotten really into golf. He spends a lot of his free time golfing, any and everywhere he can. In my mom’s house, in his apartment at school, in the yard, on all different courses…I think he just sees the world as one giant golf course, honestly. He also is a member of Salisbury’s golf team, and when he’s home for summer, he works at a local golf course.

So, basically he likes golf just a little bit.

Golf Cake

A couple of months ago I saw this ridiculously awesome golf cupcake cake on pinterest and I immediately knew I had to make it for his birthday. And I’m happy to say, it turned out super great and HE LOVED IT!

For the cupcakes, I used my funfetti with vanilla butter cream recipe, along with tons of green food coloring! For the sand bunker, I used graham cracker crumbs and for the green, I used green sanding sugar. The golf balls were upside down white chocolate chips. And I fashioned a flag out of card stock paper and a coffee stirrer.

Funfetti CupcakesGolf CakeGolf Cake

There you have it!

Twas a hole in one ;) (Too corny…?)


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