Do remember the most delicious meal you’ve ever had?

Ya know, that meal that you day dream about. Still.

That meal that makes you excited to tell everyone you know.

That meal that you compare every other meal to.

What exactly was it that made it the best?


Well, let me tell you about the hands down, best, most delicious meal I’ve ever eaten!

Woodberry Kitchen.

Oh Woodberry Kitchen! This has been the restaurant on the top of my “to try” list for a very, very long time.  It is one of the highest rated restaurants in Baltimore, and for very good reasons.

We were waiting for an extra special occasion to finally check it out, and this past Monday was the day! Chris had made reservations a few weeks ago to celebrate my birthday, and I was FREAKING OUT EXCITED.

Not only did our evening at Woodberry Kitchen live up to its reputation, it exceeded my expectations in every way. From the free valet parking, to the atmosphere inside and out, to the service, and of course, the ridiculously scrumptious meal, this certainly was the best I’ve ever had.


Located on the outskirts of the city, the building itself immediately stood out on the side street in stood on. The interior and exterior was this beautiful exposed brick, that immediately created a comfortable, but special atmosphere. There was a large patio with the most adorable outdoor seating I’ve ever seen, surrounded by twinkly lights and planted greenery.

Inside, you were greeted with willing, smiley staff and servers dressed in plaid, ready to welcome you to WK. The interior atmosphere perfectly reflected the farm to table menu that the restaurant is famous for. There was a main dining room with large windows along one wall that allowed for natural light to flood in. Along the other walls were a large bar and exposed kitchen! The energy was excellent. There was also another large side dining room that was a little quaint and quieter.

Then, there was the loft! And that is where we got cozy for the evening. I loved sitting at a candle lit table for two, looking down over the rest of the restaurant. It was just so cool. I couldn’t have asked for a better seat!


Woodberry kitchen is known for their use of local, fresh ingredients from the surrounding chesapeake area. This includes everything from dairy, to meat, to fish. They make everything in house, and trust me, you can tell the difference. This was the freshest, purest meal I’ve ever had out at a restaurant.

Our meal started with a choice of sparkling or still water, that was replenished without asking throughout the entire evening. (And for those of you that know me, this is a huge plus…I drink water like a camel.) Then we were given an adorable little bread basket with 4 different kinds of just-sliced, housemade bread, and freshly churned butter. OH EM GEE. Bread is one of my one true loves. So good.

Then we poured over the drink menu for a few minutes. And boy was this a drink menu! They had everything from local beer, to wine, to cider, and to inventive cocktails with housemade liquor. Everything looked incredible, it was so hard to choose! Our waiter was excellent and offered up his suggestions, which was really helpful!

I opted for a drink called “Second Date.” It was WK spiced rum, strawberries, bonal, and bay leaf bitters. It was honestly, the greatest cocktail I’ve ever had. It was perfectly mixed, with a delectable balance of sweet and savory. It was a great sipping drink, which exactly what I wanted.

WKThe menu is this amazing mix of snacks, salads, soups, small plates, larger appetizers, and full entrees. There is something for everyone, from vegetarian options, to seafood, to every kind of meat you could want! You could easily go to WK and get a few different small plates to share, or you could choose a dinner to hog all for yourself ;)

We decided on an appetizer to share and then each ordered “supper.” For our starter, we went with the “Tilghman Island Crab Pot” which I regrettably did not take a picture of. (Probably because I was too busy shoving it in my face!) So this was basically my favorite part of the entire meal. Crab dip is one of my most beloved foods, and this. This! This crab dip was the most incredible dip that I’ve ever, ever, ever had. The lumps of crab in it were huge, and it had an ingredient called fish pepper in it, which added this unbelievable, unmatched flavor. When they brought the pot to your table it was steaming hot, and they poured sherry right over the top for you. It was served with a variety housemade crackers. UGH YUM.

And since I swoon over anything crab, for my entree, I decided on the “Chester River Soft Shell Crab.” The softshell crab was fried in a light, crispy, oh so flavorful batter. It was perfectly cooked. The crab laid over a piece of buttered pullman toast, topped with red leaf & radish salad, creamy cilantro mayonnaise and finished off with a sweet and spicy jalapeño jam. It was so fantastic, everything on the plate was the perfect compliment to the soft shell crab.

I ate the entire thing.


And you know I got dessert!!!

I am an ice cream fanatic. Like, there is never a day when I don’t want ice cream or froyo, or something of the sort. Even in the middle of a snow storm, I crave it! Well, here at Woodberry Kitchen they make all their own ice cream, too. This was SO exciting to me. I had my eye on this specific dessert for a looooong time. It is called the “C.M.P.” and its the sundae on the left in the above picture. It was made up of fresh cream ice cream, rich, velvety chocolate sauce, crunchy sweet, wet peanuts and topped with marshmallow fluff.


Chris got a sundae called, “The Kitchen Sink” pictured on the right. (Well, he mostly ordered so I could taste it, too ;) But he totally ended up hogging the whole thing it was that delish.) It included housemade cookie dough ice cream, hot fudge, brownies, blondies, whipped cream, and toffee.


So, Woodberry Kitchen definitely gets the number one restaurant, number one meal, number one everything in my book. If you can, go. The menu changes every few months, so there are always new things to try! And not only do they offer a fabulous dinner, they offer brunch on weekends. Which, I am so very eager to try!


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