Photo Mar 24, 11 50 57 AM


Reynolds Wrap Non-Stick Aluminum Foil. I love it. So much.

Seriously, I may not even be able to express to you how much I rely on and use this foil in the kitchen. But, let me give it a shot!

Photo Feb 13, 5 08 41 PM

First of all, this is the only foil I’ve found that is truly non-stick. Meaning, no need for any extra butter, oil, or cooking spray. Even the messiest, stickiest foods slide right off of this. And I’ve found it much easier to use than even parchment paper (which is also very non-stick) because you can shape it to fit whatever particular pan you are using. Its remarkable, folks.

Photo Feb 17, 7 03 30 PM

Second of all, it is extremely versatile. It can be used to cover left overs, and to keep your pie crusts from over baking, but mostly I use it for everything and anything going in the oven. From cookies, to cornbread, to granola, to pizza, to cakes, to chicken, to nachos, to smores, and so much more!

Photo Feb 23, 6 36 59 PM

And lastly, but definitely my favorite thing about this product, no clean up. My pans stay clean, and the foil catches all the mess! I just roll it up and toss it out when I’m done. So amazing, especially because as much as I love cooking, I absolutely dread cleaning up after.

I strongly you give this non-stick foil a shot next time you bake and see how much easier your life can be ;)


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