Photo Mar 24, 11 49 22 AM

I LOVE LOVE LOVE green onions.

They have a perfect punch of flavor and color without being overbearing. Plus, they pair well with so many different kinds of foods. Like…this chili or these noodles or you might even throw them on some pizza!

Now that we all agree how awesome and versatile they are, let me tell you a little secret. You may never have to buy green onions again.


I know. I was really skeptical when I heard about this little trick.

But, it works!!!

Photo Mar 24, 11 49 17 AM

So here is what you do:

Buy a bundle of green onions. Use the green parts in a fabulous, delicious meal that you love to make. And, instead of tossing the white bottoms, keep them.

Fill a small glass with a little over an inch of water.

Place the white bottoms, root side down in the water. You want the the tops sticking out of the water, so they can breathe and grow!

Place the glass in a window or somewhere where your onions will get plenty of sunlight.

Watch them grow! They should have an inch or more after a week :)

When they are tall again, use and repeat. You can also plant the white bottoms with the roots, if its warm enough to grow them outside.

Ta-da! Never ending green onions.


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