One word. PANCAKES.

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I’m SO eager to share with you my FAVORITE breakfast joint in all of ever. And coming from me, this is extremely high praise because I am a breakfast lover. If you happen to watch the show Parks and Rec, you will understand when I say that Leslie Knope and I speak the same waffle and whipped cream love language.


Deusenberg’s Cafe & Grill is a quaint, little restaurant located in Catonsville, Marlyand, which is just a few minutes outside of Baltimore City. Catonsville is also where the Mr. and I’s first apartment together was, so it holds a special little place in my heart!

Duesys has a huge breakfast and lunch menu with everything and anything you could want. If you are feeling classic, you will find perfected, home-cooked pancakes, oatmeal, eggs, burgers, sandwiches, and so on! If you are feeling a little fancy pants, you could indulge in beignets, turkey and brie omelets, crab benedict, lobster grilled cheese…drool…you get my point. Not only do they have a large selection, but it ALL tastes amazing and fresh, not to mention the portions are very generous. It is obvious that the chef loves to have fun and serve people real food that will leave them satisfied and coming back again and again. The staff is the same every time you go in and they make sure to keep their local, regular customers happy and welcome the new ones like family. To top it all off, a meal here is extremely affordable. My hubs and I can have a huge breakfast with all the coffee we can drink, for under $20. WIN.

Another thing that is SUPER awesome about this little surprise place is their secret german dinner menu.  Four nights a week, they reopen for dinner with a totally separate menu that consists only of authentic german meals.  We have yet to try this, but I’ve peaked at the menu and it looks divine.

So, I know you all want to hear more about the best pancakes in the entire universe! I’ll never forget the first time we tried this place, I was expecting diner-esque food and service, but I so happy to be proven wrong. When we sat down, the waitress let us know that they were offering a special, red velvet pancakes with sweet cream cheese drizzle. SAY WHAT! Usually, I don’t even order pancakes out at breakfast because I can so easily make them from home. BUT for some reason, I was in such a pancake mood that day and I was not going to pass up that mouth-watering special! The waitress explained that their regular pancakes were very popular as well, so that left me with a selfish dilemma…I wanted BOTH.

Well, my wish was granted!!!

She brought me one giant old fashioned pancake with a HUGE dollop of butter and syrup, and one giant red velvet pancake special. And for no extra charge, I might add. They both were the most buttery, delicious, fluffy on the inside and slightly crisp on the outside pancakes I had ever tasted in my entire life. These pancakes left me dreaming about them for days. I was hooked. I literally told everyone about them, and I’m pretty sure most people thought I’d gone completely insane! But, it was worth it.

There you have it. The greatest breakfast I’ve ever had. And the pancakes that keep me coming back time after time. Plus, a little morning date with this fella doesn’t hurt too much either…

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